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Richard Mosse

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Richard Mosse (b. 1980, Ireland; based in New York) is an artist who seeks to heighten and extend the language of documentary photography to draw attention to overlooked yet urgent stories, working with the aesthetic power of his medium to create highly collaborative, immersive and groundbreaking new forms in photography and the moving image. He often employs special photographic technologies to encode invisible aspects of historically significant subjects within the materiality of his imagery.

Throughout his practice, Mosse has painstakingly documented environmental devastation in remote regions of the Amazon, the mass migration of refugees across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, bitter conflict over rare earth minerals in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the US military’s occupation of Saddam Hussein’s palace complexes in occupied Iraq, illegal immigration along the US-Mexican border, the missing persons crisis in post-war Balkan nations, and other subjects.

Mosse’s immersive video installation, Broken Spectre (2022) describes a complex web of deforestation and environmental crimes unfolding in the Amazon Basin using specialized scientific imaging technologies. Mosse’s 52-minute video artwork, Incoming, (2017), co-commissioned by the Barbican and the National Gallery of Victoria, examines mass migration of asylum seekers from North Africa and the Middle East into Europe, for which he was awarded the Prix Pictet in 2018. Infra (2012) documents armed groups fighting over rare earth minerals in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, for which Mosse received a Guggenheim Fellowship. He won the Deutsche Börse Photographic Award for The Enclave, an immersive 16mm film that was exhibited in the National Pavilion of Ireland at the 55th Venice Biennale.


Richard Mosse: Broken Spectre
46 Lafayette Street, Jan 12 – Mar 16, 2024
Richard Mosse: Tristes Tropiques
20th Street, Apr 08 – May 15, 2021
Brave New World
May 16 – Jul 03, 2019
The Coffins of Paa Joe and the Pursuit of Happiness
The School, Jun 08, 2017 – Feb 24, 2018
The Coffins of Paa Joe and the Pursuit of Happiness
Jun 08 – Aug 25, 2017
Richard Mosse: Heat Maps
20th Street, Feb 02 – Mar 11, 2017
A Change Of Place: Four Solo Exhibitions
The School, May 22 – Oct 29, 2016
Winter In America
The School, Oct 17, 2015 – Mar 19, 2016
Status Quo
The School, Jan 31 – Apr 12, 2015
Mise En Scène
The School, Aug 01 – Dec 01, 2014
The Enclave
20th Street, Feb 22 – Mar 22, 2014
20th Street, Nov 17 – Dec 23, 2011
The Fall
20th Street, Nov 19 – Dec 23, 2009
20th Street, Nov 13 – Dec 20, 2008