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Helga Davis in conversation with work by Nick Cave

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Helga Davis in conversation with work by Nick Cave
July 24, 2020

In an ongoing series of performances, artists have been invited to respond to select works by Cave as an improvised call and response between artist and object. For the inaugural act, Helga Davis, a powerful vocalist and performance artist, serenaded a multimedia piece with an incredibly raw and personal rendition of the American national anthem. Davis first confronted the artwork at the time of her performance, which was filmed in one take, unrehearsed, and is poignantly emotional and urgent. The direct connection between Davis and the piece becomes evident as she tenderly lays her head atop a severed wooden bust and an American flag made from shotgun shells. Forthcoming in the series are performances by Francesca Harper, an internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer, and actor Daniel Watts.

Nick Cave Untitled, 2018 mixed media including vintage tole flowers, carved head, American flag pattern of used shotgun shells, cast bronze hand and arm, piano bench, white handkerchiefs 77 3/4 x 30 7/8 x 16 3/8 inches (overall dimensions) Inquire