States Of Being

Francesca Harper in conversation with work by Nick Cave

Artist Page

“In this video, Unarmed (2018) has been reincarnated as an interactive piece through Nick Cave’s invitation for Choreographer and Dancer, Francesca Harper, to respond to the work. Dressed in a rippling, black, chiffon gown, Harper moves with a tension of ink spreading across wet paper. Her body undulates around the sculpture, but like the wreath, she never fully embraces the work.”

– Jasmine Wahi, Holly Block Social Justice Curator, The Bronx Museum

Nick Cave Unarmed, 2018 cast bronze, metal and vintage beaded flowers 23 3/4 × 18 5/8 × 8 7/8 inches39 3/4 × 16 × 22 5/8 inches (overall dims with shelf) Inquire