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Partner Organizations for This Tender, Fragile Thing

Installation view, This Tender, Fragile Thing, 2022, The School | Jack Shainman Gallery, Kinderhook, NY

On the occasion of This Tender, Fragile Thing, The School | Jack Shainman Gallery has partnered with three Black-led organizations that are leading critical work in their communities. Please consider donating to Save The Hampton HouseHearts of Gold, M.A.D.E Transitional Services and Soul Fire Farm in any amount that is accessible. 


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These fundraising partnerships were established in conjunction with This Tender, Fragile Thing in honor of The Black Panther Party’s legacy of community-based social service work. The Party’s “service to the people” and Survival Programs worked at the local level to provide aid such as free food programs, medical care, educational resources, voter registration drives, and legal support meant to develop positive institutions within communities to help individuals meet their needs as an essential part of the fight for liberation and self-determination.